Educational construction site Israeli-German Pavilion, Tel Aviv Sept-Oct 2015
IGSBE – Israeli German Sustainable Building Education / Deutsch-Israelisches Berufsbildungsprojekt Nachhaltiges Bauen

IGSBE and Israeli-German Pavilion are projects by zukunftsgeraeusche GbR. IGSBE is sponsored by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU). The Israeli-German Pavilion is sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office.

  • Intercultural Exchange and Sustainable Building: The “Israeli-German-Pavilion“ in Tel Aviv was being practically built together by German and Israeli apprentices and students in September and Oct 2015.
  • Education, Building, Bauhaus: For the „50th anniversary of the German-Israeli diplomatic relations“ in 2015, young craftsmen and students of architecture and engineering from Germany and Israel worked together on the basis of sustainable building, the heritage of building culture, the common modern architectural heritage and Bauhaus-Ideas for a mutual intercultural and professional exchange.

The “Israeli-German Pavilion” was built as an Israeli-German educational construction site in Tel Aviv. The Pavilion was one of the qualification-projects within the framework of the educational exchange project “Israeli German Sustainable Building Education (IGSBE)” supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU).

The project focused on vocational education and training (VET) as well as higher education (HE) to practically qualify young German and Israeli construction workers, architects, civil engineers and teachers. The pavilion itself was funded by the German Foreign Office and realized from 15th September to 11th October 2015.

Within the perennial DBU-project different exchange phases took place involving German and Israeli educational institutions on the topics of sustainable construction and education for sustainable development (ESD) in VET and HE. Priorities were energy and resource protection, simple and eco-friendly building including sustainable solutions for heat and cold protection, building with reusable, recyclable and regionally available materials as well as the common heritage of modern architecture and Bauhaus ideas in Germany and Israel.

The special feature of the project was that at the same time apprentices and students from both countries worked together in practice, planning and researching for the joint realization of a construction project. This happened in the tradition of the Bauhaus ideas and was addressed as a main criterion of sustainable building, characterized by interdisciplinary and “across the trades” collaboration.

The aim of the project was of mutual technical and intercultural exchange at eye level and the qualification in construction practice, architecture and planning at the levels of VET and HE, to interlink the academic, professional practice and technical didactic approaches. The results were documented and communicated accordingly.

The participating German and Israeli training institutions and universities (see below) sent their apprentices and students to joint workshops in Germany and Israel. In Israel, the participants realized a joint construction project, as this year’s “Israeli-German Pavilion”, which they have designed together and planned during one semester.

The exchange trough IGSBE always consists of two encounters:

  • “Berlin Workshop”, a one-week practical, theoretical and intercultural workshop in Germany. For the joint development of the pavilion, it took place from 31st May to 07th June 2015.
  • “Israel Workshop”, a three- to four-week educational construction site to practically realize the construction project in Israel. For the pavilion at the Entin Square, the central entrance square of Tel Aviv University, it took place from 15th September to11th October 2015.

The project itself is a pilot project of the “50th anniversary of the German-Israeli diplomatic relations” in 2015 and also a contribution to the “White City Network” between Israel and Germany.

Furthermore, it was the aim of all project partners of the DBU-project to continue and broaden the exchange between Germany and Israel in VET and HE in a “cross-over” practice and research in sustainable building; also with the perspective on the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus in 2019.

The “Israeli-German-Pavilion” and the DBU-project “IGSBE”, were and are partly still projects by zukunftsgeraeusche GbR, an office for interdisciplinary architecture, experimental building and educational projects, which are carried out in cooperation with:

  • Bildungsverein Bautechnik e.V.
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • Tel Aviv University
  • Vocational Training Center Knobelsdorff-School Berlin
  • Tel Hai Rodman Practical College of Technology
  • Bauhaus-Archive / Museum for Design Berlin
  • IG BAU Berlin and GJEW
  • ConAct
  • and others …

Team Israeli-German-Pavilion
Robert K. Huber (zukunftsgeraeusche GbR, Berlin-Munich)
Peter Winter (zukunftsgeraeusche GbR, Berlin-Munich)
Christian Wittrock (Knobelsdorff-School, Berlin)
Kevin Kutzner (Knobelsdorff-School, Berlin)
Johannes Jäger (Knobelsdorff-School, Berlin)
Frank U. Vogdt (Technical University of Berlin)
Johannes Meyser (Technical University of Berlin)
Falk Schaudienst (Technical University of Berlin)
Juliane Nisse (Technical University of Berlin)
Eran Neuman (Tel Aviv University)
Amnon Baror (Tel Aviv University)
Dan Shapria (Tel Aviv University)
Meir Biton (Tel Hai Rodman Practical College of Technology)
Steve Simke (Tel Hai Rodman Practical College of Technology)
Ronit Koren (Tel Hai Rodman Practical College of Technology)
Hanna Tal (Tel Hai Rodman Practical College of Technology)
Reiner Eder (Bildungsverein Bautechnik e.V., Berlin)
Angelika Thormann (Bildungsverein Bautechnik e.V., Berlin)
Angelika Zeume (Bildungsverein Bautechnik e.V., Berlin)
Rosemarie Wagner (Wagner Tragwerke, Stuttgart)
Helena Doudova (Berlin)
Achiam Lifshitz (Kyriat Shmona)
Gaby and Alfred Knoll (Tel Aviv)

Knobelsdorff-School Berlin Students
Kimberly Fuchs
Fabian Kaul
Chantal Kienast
Cedric Ludwig
Seymour Maares
Pavlos Marmaritsakis
Tim Schmidt
Inga Rossmann
Julian Schmidt
Christian Semmler
Mohiedin „Mimo“ Wehby

Technical University of Berlin Students
Adrienne Buchta
Jonas Didwiszus
Thanh Van „Vanni“ Dinh Thi
Kai Steffen Grigalat
Amelia Lin
André Mannigel
Jakob Oelsch
Ursula Pott
Juri Sokolov
Lars-Christian Wagner

Tel Hai Rodman Practical College of Technology Students
Abir Saleh Fakher Aldin
Dekel Levi
Olga Savchenko
Mizrahi Shabi
Asa El Israel Tsadik

Tel Aviv University Students
Niv Calmy
Dina Einstein
Layla Moallem
Or Naggar
Yoav Ronat
Daniel Simantov